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Bu-ling still can't find a ghost kitty. Do you know where to find one?
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I know it is rather late to say this and it may seem more like an old habit, but Happy New Year.

How has everyone been doing? I've been adding more books to the Arcana Library. They're mostly about history and occult, however. There are a few mythologies there, too. Though, I'm not sure how interested some of you may be about myths. Perhaps one should take them as a guide? Perhaps one should just read them for entertainment? I personally find them interesting but that is my own quirk, not yours.

But regardless, please do check them out if you are interested at all or perhaps bring your own knowledge to the Arcana Library. It would be highly appreciated.

Without further ado, I shall take my leave and reorganize it. If you wish to converse with me, you may find me at the Library.

Or telepathy. Either or.
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[There is a familiar looking bearded, jolly man in red carrying a large sack of toys around over his shoulder. Specifically, ones that are hand sewn and are very cute. It looks as though he's gonna be giving some out for this holiday season too! Even to the naughtier gods on the block because hey, why not. They're doing something as gods, right?

There is a creeping suspicion though: when did Santa get so buff?]
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Do we get Christmas presents? Is there a Santa-ojiichan for gods?
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*Bu-ling suddenly has monkey ears and a tail and can be seen sitting on top of a lamppost. She grins and waves at everyone.*

Today is the best holiday ever nano da! It's MONKEY DAY no da!

*Her ears twitch at that. Wait. Are those real!?*

That means you get to dress up like a monkey and do all the cool things monkeys do, like play around and climb on stuff and everything Bu-ling just does normally, only everybody gets to do it on Monkey Day nano da! We have to celebrate this! Bu-ling will even help you find a monkey suit or monkey ears if you need any.


Dec. 12th, 2012 10:37 pm
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[Looks like you're a god goddess now, how about that? You have to wonder though; what the hell does a goddess of night even do? Cool stuff you imagine and it might be fun to play around with but first you've got a few very important questions on your mind. More like one singular question.]

Soooo, I take it everyone else has made the leap into godhood too then?
But more importantly I was just wondering, could any of you point me in the direction of a good place for a drink. A fine lady like myself could use one of those right about now.

[You know you shouldn't... it's been a long time since any alcohol has slipped past your lips but it's a good idea to know the places to avoid. Yeah right; we all know that's the first place you're going to run for don't so even try to lie about that.]
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[Somewhere in the Radiant Plane seems to be a building with some neon lights (Ignore the Trish, Dante and Lady). There appears to be a door, surprisingly enough! The inside of this building is quite messy. There is a pool table, a couch, a frame of odd knifes and guns, a small bar, a juke box and a dart board near by the entrance. There's also Dante's desk and chair but that should be obvious.
There's also two doors, both which we can only assume lead somewhere. The one closest by his desk leads to the bathroom. The one closest to his bar....that's for him to know.

The main purpose for the office might be shot and gone but it's a comfort for him. It's home. Of course, he doesn't mind some visitors.

Come bug the old man? Or try to destroy his shit. Whatever works.]


Dec. 10th, 2012 09:05 am
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This whole being a god thing is so weird. And here I thought I was gonna get a break after saving Republic City and getting my bending back.

Oh right, I haven't introduced myself. I'm Korra the Avatar and your new goddess of balance I guess.
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[So, if you find yourself exploring the Radiant Plane, you may come across a building that looks quite a bit like a library. If you step inside, you will see high selves and many, many sections to find what you're looking for in particular. If you look around any, you may find the young Rose on a ladder, putting books on the shelves she can't reach.

The catch is, since she can't really conjure up books of many topics, most of them are blank.
Meaning they will only fill in if you are looking for something in particular. Think about whatever you want and the section it should be under and you will find that book.

Another thing is, some of these shelves are completely empty. Feel free to help her fill those empty shelves up and blank books. She'd appreciate it.

She'd also tell you to think of it as a huge community project. Of knowledge.]

[Note: Officially gonna call it Arcana Library :3]
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[Getting used to this god stuff can be pretty damn confusing for this guy. There's gonna be a lot for him to learn even if it's just to make things cute, which is just what he does best. So after listening to a suggestion from Bu-ling here, he figured he'd fulfill his promise of making bringing them a cake because there was no way in hell he was gonna let such a cute little kid down after all that big talk!

As promised, he made sure it'd be the cutest damned cake possible after giving it a few finishing touches, making this his first act as the God of Cute Shit. Quietly, he places it on a small cake stand complete with doily centered perfectly beneath it. Before anyone can catch him (he thinks), he shyly slips away to manipulate his corner of the world which is most definitely off limits at the moment.

In the meantime though, enjoy the cake!]

[Note: The cake is strawberry flavored :3]


Dec. 8th, 2012 03:40 pm
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Good afternoon, everyone. I am Rose Lalonde, Goddess of Divination.

I was once given the title of Seer of Light when I had played a game with my friends, so I suppose I can understand why I was given the title Goddess of Divination.

I'm pleased to meet everyone.
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There are lots of new people nano da! That means we should have a PARTY. A really big one! With balloons! Is there a god of balloons here? Bu-ling thought there was one once. There should be one. Also cake. Lots of that! We should all make the biggest cake in the whole wide universe!

Bu-ling will also perform circus tricks all around the room and gladly accepts donations!


Dec. 8th, 2012 10:08 am
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[He has his arms crossed, looking puzzled. Also mun has no icons for him just yet.]

"God of the Fiery"? Okay it's cool being a god and all even if I have no idea what's going on, but what does this mean by "fiery"?? Am I supposed to be on fire or something?

[Then he shakes his head and is suddenly cheerful.]

Well, whatever! I'm sure I'll figure that out later! I'm Yamato Delgato, and I was raised by cats till the age of five!
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[Right, so anyone exploring the Radiant Plane might eventually encounter a sign that reads, in nice big, and bold black letters, MIDNIGHTON. If anyone was wondering why Slick hadn't introduced himself properly, aside from popping up whenever someone else introduces himself, this is why.

He's been busy building a small city in the space he's claimed. Despite this, all the streets and buildings are blocked off - save one. It's right on the edge of his space, so anyone can freely enter and exit. A sign reads in rather flashy neon MIDNIGHTON BAR LOUNGE. Below the sign, a smaller one reads NOW OPEN FOR BUSINESS.

Inside, there's chairs and tables set up. A considerable variety of nondescript carapacians, both white-shelled and black-shelled, staff the place. There's also a number of them milling about, though they're clearly nonsentient constructs. A piano's been set up towards the middle of the massive room, and Slick himself is there, playing some songs of his own composition.

Further inside, past the piano, is the Lounge half of the place. Armchairs and low tables are spaced out considerably in this half, with the music from the bar half only barely drifting in. Fewer carapacians lounge about, their mindless chatter providing a calming background noise.

One should also note, of course, that even if you came in at ground level, the lounge area somehow has massive glass windows that give way to a stunning view of the cityscape outside.

And...everyone who cares to receive it should be getting a voice-only message telepathically now.]

so this is spades slick
god of hatred and all that
some o' ya know me, some o' ya don't
anyway i got a bar over here that needs customers
and in case ya didn't get the hint
my bar's open for business
ya want a drink i got drinks
ya wanna relax i got it covered
so mosey yer asses on over here all quick like
and hey since it's opening night, i'll even play a song fer ya all
how's that?

[Cue some piano music coming through the connection.]


Dec. 6th, 2012 08:14 pm
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[The prospect of becoming a Goddess was kind of an out-of-the-blue one for Mia. It's not something she'd ever considered possible, or more accurately she'd never considered it at all.

It's going to take her some time to fully process this.]

I may have just got done helping to save the world, but this seems like it's a bit much... anyway, since we're all introducing ourselves, my name is Mia. It's nice to meet all of you!


Dec. 6th, 2012 09:56 pm
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Um... excuse me.

[It's very hard to tell by voice and looks what gender Hastur is.]

Could someone please tell me something? I don't understand what it is I'm supposed to be in charge of.

What is 'moe'?


Dec. 6th, 2012 10:18 pm
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((I had planned on posting this earlier but my computer did a fine job of taking a shit on itself. Bravo Jarvis. You make me so proud.))

[Good job Bro, you've finally reached God status. Finally? The hell is that suppose to mean?? You never asked for this... though you've got to admit God of Mischief isn't a bad title. You ponder to yourself wondering the ever so obvious question 'What the hell does a god even do?' And what a fine question that is. Maybe you'll figure it out eventually.]

Eh. I guess there's nothing left to do but have a little fun with this, 'sides this definitely beats floating around in some shitty dream bubble.

[You would have thought being dead would be hella fun but those dream bubbles are only enough to entertain a guy for so long. Despite godhood not being something you asked for, it was certainly something you could get use to.]

Anyways, I'm Bro. Not sure I actually know any of you here but that's cool I think we've got enough time on our hands to get to know each other, do we not?
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[Who's this poor guy? He's not making any eye contact and he sure as hell ain't about ready to introduce himself. He fidgets a little longer as a way of getting his bearings before finally glancing up. He seems...pretty pissed off.]

W-what the hell is this place?! This ain't funny! God of Cute Shit, are you serious? Who the hell are you?!

[Which he'll then notice a bunch of people are staring and will try to calm himself down, cheeks completely pink.]

I-uh...I'm Kanji. The...God of...cute...shit.


Dec. 6th, 2012 08:35 pm
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(as a side note I'm aware I made a typo in the username. That's okay.)

[So here you are, Karkat. Finally a God like you had boasted yourself to being to the humans. Well, okay, you were kind of their god because you had made their universe. You really want to pride yourself in that knowledge and think you actually have a lick of experience in being God... Though this?

This... You don't even know what this is.]


I'm not even going to bother with an introduction! Just recognize who is the top dog here: I am.


The God of Leaders.


Dec. 7th, 2012 07:59 am
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[Is that an angel? With green skin? And are those actual wings? Most of you have probably seen stranger stuff, but what's unusual here is the barely-concealed look of distaste on her face.]

'Tis unfortunate we meet in such circumstances. I am the Archangel Gabriel, perchance some of you have heard of me, perchance you have not due to how...many of you appear to be from different worlds.

I am apparently the "Goddess" of Revelations. I understand the reasoning, 'tis always been my role to be messenger, after all, but therein is the dilemma, I suppose. I was created to be messenger for someone else. Frankly, the thought of such a range of autonomy as a "Goddess" displeases me.

In any case, I have spoken a tad much about myself. That is enough for now, I suppose. Hello, and all that.
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